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Featured #ILoveGay Today Videos

Bruce Bishop
March 2023
#ILoveGay Today meets up with Bruce Bishop of Halifax, Nova Scotia, author of the Families' Storytelling Trilogy - Unconventional Daughters, Uncommon Sons, Undeniable Relations. Join us as we chat about his 20th century period drama book series, how he got started, and how he has included either major or secondary LGBT characters in the casts, not as tokens, but as believable and ordinary (albeit... | [LINK]
| Halifax, NS VIDEOS | @ILoveGayHalifax |
| Books & Literature VIDEOS | @ILoveGayBooks |
| Entertainment VIDEOS | @ILoveGayTV |

The Q Review: Kenney Fitzpatrick
December 2020
#ILoveGay Today meets up with Kenney Fitzpatrick of The Q Review, a Halifax-based podcast dedicated to LGBTQ+ music artists from around the world. Kenney serves a special place in the world of LGBTQ+ music, helping to bring awareness to music artists via his podcast and social media networks who may not find exposure via some of the more traditional music marketing channels out there today. | [LINK]
| Halifax, NS VIDEOS | @ILoveGayHalifax |
| Music VIDEOS | @ILoveGayMusic |
| Entertainment VIDEOS | @ILoveGayTV |

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